Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Traveling makes me think the strangest things

Spent a lot of time in the truck today. As I was driving my mind started throwing out names and imagining people in situations that just begged to be written down as soon as i was parked and waiting for my other party to join me. 90 minutes and a good chapter later... I've got the beginning to something else going it could be good  could be campy hell it could be compared to Harry Potter (but what hasn't been) a little steampunkish, a little True Blood, Anita Blake over all it came on so quick and easy it should be fun to write on it.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vampires, Werewolves and big bads or is it goods?!

Kelsey was pacing around worried and impatient waiting for the formal vampire welcoming to be over.. She and the City's Master Pierre had been together over 3 years now. The complication of course is that she and Deacon were on again off again like a yo-yo for that same full 3 years also complicated by being mated to Rafe. No matter how many of these things she's had to attend as Pierre's human servant they always made her nervous; hell vampire politics in general made her head-ache and teeth hurt. this one was to greet a special envoy of the European Councils with all the pomp and circumstance that  that kind of situation always entails.

So here she is wearing vampire formal and sweating the wait... although it does have its perks.  All the men look absolutely fabulous in all that leather. Deep breath finally there is a flurry of activity at the door two extremely large vampires enter and step to the side facing the isle in perfectly coordinated movements a moment later two perfectly matched werewolves in their 1/2 man form enter and after stepping just beyond the vampires take up similar positions along the walk. The wolves are followed by a pair of matched were-leopards in half man form following the same routine. Just when it looked like the greetings could begin they a cage carried by 6 gigantic shifters is brought forward. It's metal, longer than it was wide. It looked way too much like a very tall casket. A casket that you could almost sit in but still a casket.. this being escorted by one overly made up almost clown like vampire who unlike most ancient has absolutely no sense of style.

Ferrok, Pierre's second in command,  steps forward abruptly demanding coldly, "Calus what is the meaning of this?"

His voice high and grating, "Her Grace, Bella Ocella was recalled by the council. They are not allowing her visit at this time, so in her place she sent a special gift to you. She said you may use or dispose of the gift as you wish its no bother to her."

Ferrok even more suspicious than before hand reaching for the long knife at his waist, "A  gift for who exactly Calus? Is it for the Master? or is to for me as you implied? Formal Gifts require specifics and yours are sadly lacking!"

Calus his  make up making him look even more pathetic than seemed humanly possible but who's voice has the edge of anger to it, "Apologies Pierre, Ferrok, I meant no disrespect!: He bows low and continues his head remaining bowed, "IT is very difficult to give away someone I've come to respect and admire on the whims of the counsel and especially the whims of a woman who has no respect for herself let alone someone as wondrous as this."

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Appreciation for that Daily Grind

I read on other blogs and author sites  people asking them what's your job? How do you do it? Give me advice.

My first thought is, god how dumb can these people be. Being an author is hard work and its not something you can really explain to others. They get up in the morning get their kids off if they have them then move into their office  whether its a room in the house or apartment or a desk in the corner of the kitchen or the lap top on the coffee table in the living room;then they start writing, putting ideas and thoughts down and filling in the details creating people.. people that other people can visualize and imagine with clarity and then they create situations believable situations for these people.

Can you tell a story: Can you create it on the fly make it something that keeps others listening in and wanting all the little pieces, you may have what it takes. Start trying to write them out. Use a medium that's comfortable to you be it pen and paper or crayon on the wall or using the computer; start writing tell that story describe those people tell us about the mystery and hardships of their lives

I can tell a story, i can even start writing it down but so far I haven't been able to get an entire story down on paper (or into the digital) but I'm not giving up either. I'll keep trying and trying till i eventually succeed.

Writing is hard work. Thinking that hard and coherently isn't easy for8 or more hours a day.

Every author out there has my sincere appreciation for all the hard work they put into their craft.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Already written vs empty page

Today I was bored so I picked up a stack of my old journals and read some of the things I'd written about over the years... Boy do i have a sick mind or was it confused. They did at least mostly make some kind of logical sense even for fan-fiction.  Now I'm sitting here with reams of written words and wondering if I can take and recreate it into something original without wrecking what's already been written.  30 handwritten pages vs. page after page of hmmmmmmm. We'll see I guess.