Saturday, December 1, 2012


Well I did it! I wrote just over 50k this year. Magic & Mayhem is raw and very much a rough draft that needs major editing and smoothing out, but it happened. I almost can't believe I managed it.

Now the Faery story I started working on by Jarek (yeah this name) when my muse forced me to write it out in Mid-November is just over 7k. I'm going to be working on it a bit now and then but not so feverishly as I did Magic and Mayhem. I'm not dropping it by the wayside anyhow.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Worst Blogger Ever I know

I am the worst blogger ever I know. Its been freaking forever since I posted anything here.
I've been writing though for the november NaNoWriMo - over 20k words now so I have been writing.

Monday, August 20, 2012


I've not been the most avid writer for the past oh 5or 6 weeks. I solemnly swear to try to do better. With that in mind I'm going to do a bit of free writing to see where it takes me. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NEW FF - The Curse Breaker's Trails CH 1

Bill takes his seat at the family dinner table releasing a heavy sigh as he reaches for the pitcher of ice tea.

Arthur noticing his oldest child’s tense shoulders asks with his calm quiet manner, “Everything alright at Gringotts Bill?”

Trying to decide how best to vent his frustrations without blowing things totally out of proportion Bill starts, “Gringotts is good Dad; they’ve just put me in a spot.”

Concerned because Goblin’s were hard enough to figure out without deals and ultimatums, Arthur enquires softly “What kind of spot Bill?”

Charlie and the Twins listen in as their oldest brother and father talk as Ron shovels food into his gaping mawl like there was a food shortage and he was soon to run out. Ginny their sister had opted to miss supper this night pouting in her room because her current boyfriend wasn’t able to spend every day of the summer with her.

Bill continues, “Ripthorn called me into a meeting today with the managers of the Curse Breaking and Warding section, they want to make me a team leader the only problem with that is that it requires I have or have already had an apprentice.”

Eyes wide at the honor the Goblin’s had paid his son, “They want you to be a manager Bill?  At Gringotts?!”

Bill nods, “Only problem is I have to take on an apprentice.”

Charlie interrupts, “You’re more than qualified Bill to have an apprentice, so what’s the problem?”

“They have someone in mind already for the position of apprentice,” he replies with a frown.

His father curiously enquires, “Is it a Goblin Bill? Are they qualified? What seems to be the problem?”

Shaking his head he answers, “No Dad not a Goblin and although they’re giving me some choices on who the apprentice will be the one they’d really like me to take well, she’s very qualified maybe even over qualified. Goblin’s are insisting on the Traditional forms and contracts and she’s anything but homely.”

His brother Charlie inputs with a wry grin, “So you think you’d stray from your Veela girlfriend?

Arthur calmly inquires, “Are you and Fleur having troubles Bill?”

“Trouble…,” Running his hands roughly through his hair voice just this side of frustrated, “Dad she’s always using her allure; it’s either deliberate or she loses control then after she get what she wanted it’s Oh I’m so sorry Beel.  It’s getting so I really hate those words and that accent. Then to top it off when she found out to get the promotion I had to take on an apprentice she practically demanded I pass on it because it’d take time away from her. I have no idea what inspired the Goblin’s to consider me for this now but there is no way in hell I’m passing on it.

Charlie frowning, “She’s using her allure; Bill I know you care about her but you need to report her for that. It’s completely against the Veela Conventions and if she should use it on the wrong person they could ask for her to be destroyed. They aren’t even allowed to leave the Veela Enclave till they have complete control of it because it’s so similar to the imperious.”

Bill sighs heavily, “I guess I just wanted to keep thinking all the slips were accidents, even when I know they couldn’t be. Ron even talked about during the tournament when she’d pass she’d leave most of the boys panting behind her in a daze. I’ll take care of it Charlie don’t worry.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Uggg the Hated Family Meeting

I guess it's been noted that I'm not the most consistent blogger out there.  (working on that) I tend to come at you in spurts sort of the same way that ideas hit me. This weekend for instance was hellish for me I couldn't think beyond   "Don't Kill Them they can't help what they are" so i'd drift in my own little side world shoving one of my favorite hero's into danger trying to solve world ending problems or even just how do i get the girl to notice me. so many scenarios so little time so hard to write but I'm still trying.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Creativity and time away from the grind

Went away for the weekend and did nothing but picture new scenarios how cool is that?! Unfortunately I wasn't able to write a lot of it down so i have to go on memory alone. Then again looking at the pictures from my trip who cares really about what i was thinking as we were driving along when i can just throw one of them out and interpose a new situation.

Crossroads -- Intro...

Captain Maltor of the Battle Cruiser Kru’Tchek after 5 days of chasing the ships of the aliens that had destroyed their colony world Veigi throughout the V’reiga Star System decided to launch several scouts to check out the inhabitable worlds for lurkers.

Captain Gharrez after 3 days of scouting picks up a small ship belonging to the enemy and stealthily follows it into the atmosphere of B729. Contemplating obvious options he has his pilot follow the small ship in: he grabs the straps and buckles in as the ship comes under fire from behind. They take evasive action but not fast enough, a direct hit takes out their engines and they head into the planet hot. The whole crew does what it can as the ship heads in; from strapping in, firing at the enemy, getting directional fixes, getting the engines restarted, to putting out fires and sending the distress beacon.

Woozy headed and bruised but alive, Captain Gharrez gets to his feet and stumbles towards the emergency exit, nearly falling when his feet encounter something solid. Looking down he fines the straps had broken loose and his medic was crumbled on the floor, but alive.  Checking her over quickly he finds only bruises and contusions, he lifts her up on his shoulder and continues to the exit. He carries her to the shelter of the nearby woods then goes back in to help the rest of his people off the ship. When it’s all over there are 4 dead and two seriously injured, everyone else was just banged up and bruised. Knowing they have to evacuates the area as quickly as possible he orders the able bodied to heft the heaviest equipment packs and disperses the rest among those who could carry them then turns everyone and leads them deeper into the woods. He hopes that the last readings he got before they crashed were accurate, if they were at the base of the mountains on the other side of this wood there was a series of caves that would make perfect shelter while they got their bearings.
After about 4 ½ hours of steady hiking they come to the edge of a small clearing deep within the woods that housed a nice little cabin. Skirting the cabin they find themselves at the base of the mountain and with a little searching they find a cave with a well hidden entrance. After setting up camp and a watch schedule, he moves the back of the cave to help the medic Ch’eiri Srintosz set up a make shift hospital and perform surgery on the two wounded men. He knew that they couldn’t afford to be burdened with very sick or severely wounded men if they had to make a run for it.